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Community Coming Together

The Dollars 4 Doonas project, led by the Naracoorte Lions Club, MiniJumbuk, Naracoorte Lucindale Council, local businesses and the entire South East community will support the victims in the recent South Australian bushfires.

For every $50 raised - MiniJumbuk will donate a locally made wool bedding package (valued at $350) - consisting of a quality wool quilt and two pillows. These packages will go to those who have registered and will be provided to every affected family member. The company will donate up to 1,000 quilts and 2,000 pillows, depending on the amount of money raised by the community.

Local schools will be asked to get involved by creating artwork with personal messages that will be inserted into the bedding packages.

Managing Director of MiniJumbuk, Mr Darren Turner says the fundraiser is a wonderful way for the community to come together and show their support to families who have lost their homes. "Try putting yourself in the position of someone several months after the donations have stopped and other events takes over the news cycle. You have lost your home and your personal possessions. What better way to send our love and kind wishes to the entire family by gifting them new bedding."

It's not the first time MiniJumbuk and the community has helped fire ravaged communities. In 2009 the Dollars 4 Doonas project raised in excess of $30,000 which was generously subsidised by local manufacture MiniJumbuk to donate bedding packages to the victims of Victoria's Black Saturday fires.

Mayor of the Naracoorte Lucindale Council says she's confident the community will dig deep. "This is a community which has a very caring, generous spirit. This project is community led and I am sure it will be very well supported as well have all been touched by the severe impacts of the bushfires."

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